Verbatim BD-R LTH Blu-Ray Blank Discs 25 GB 6x Speed


Blu-ray technology has led to the introduction of discs with high storage capacity in order to deal with increasing demand resulting from quick growth in high-definition TV (HDTV).

The name of the Blu-ray discs comes from blue laser technology. The shorter laser wave length results in a blue beam of light. While DVD media with red laser technology read wavelengths of 650 nm, the blue laser has a wavelength of 405 nm. The advantage of the blue laser’s shorter wavelength is that smaller data pits can be written, thereby increasing the volume of data on the disc.

Blu-ray discs offer three to five times as much storage space as traditional writable DVDs, so that even high-definition (HD) videos can be recorded, played back and overwritten.

For use in drives and recording devices that support Blu-ray discs of 25 GB/50 GB without case.

These writable discs with 25 GB storage capacity meet the Blu-ray disc alliance specifications.

Laser wavelength: 405 nm


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  • Max. Write Speed:6x
  • Type:Storage media – BD-R LTH Type
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