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We can diagnose or repair your computer during Covid-19 lockdown.

We are experienced computer technicians

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We do same day onsite computer repairs

  • PC Not Booting Up
  • Black Screen
  • Data recovery
  • Printer setup
  • Hardware errors
  • Broadband connections
  • New PC Installations
  • WiFi setup
  • Network setup
  • Virus removal
  • PC upgrades memory and SSD
  • And most other computer problems

For best performance and mobility benefits
If you are looking to buy a new computer talk to one of our experts for advise on the right specification. We are an Intel Technology Provider and do regular training on the latest technologies available to you.

Apple Support & Repairs

Mac repairs
If you have a Mac not using an SSD then chat to us about this upgrade, its the best why to significantly speed up your Mac.

Need advice on buying or setting up a new Apple product call 07769804065

We love Mac’s and can repair them cheaper and quicker than most Apple Stores

  • Hard Drive cloning
  • Screen repairs
  • Liquid damage repairs
  • Power supply failure
  • No startup chime
  • Grey screen at start up
  • Overheating
  • Noisy
  • Wireless errors
  • Not switching on
  • Fail to startup

Custom Build Computers – WORK – PLAY – DESIGN

We build high end computers using only the most up to date technology.

Don’t settle for anything less – PC Repairz offer the latest technology
All our Custom built computers have the best quality components on the market, and we ensure you get the latest technology available. A computer build by our professionals will be one that you can’t by in a computer shop of the shelf.
 Be the first one ready on the field battling the rivals by loading the next level up to 4.7x1 2 faster (vs HDD alone) and install all your games on a large capacity HDD and play them at SSD-like speed.

Let our experts fix your laptop and get it working fast!

We do repairs and support for all makes of Laptops

Boost the performance of your laptop with a SSD upgrade, x10 faster than a standard hard drive. You can have your old hard drive cloned to an SSD if required.

If your laptop is tired and slow upgrading to a SSD will extend the life of you laptop.

Need advice when buying a new laptop.

Call 01252 790 633 for free advice.

As a Lenovo Partner we offer advice on new laptops

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