We do repairs on all makes of desktop and laptop computers

Laptop screen replacement for all makes.

We love Mac’s and can repair them quicker and cheaper than most Apple stores.

Speed your Mac with a SSD upgrade (up to 10x faster than a standard hard drive).

Mac services we offer:

SSD upgradesBattery replacementLiquid damage assessment
Screen replacementsMemory upgradesMac not switching on
Start up errorsNoisy fansPower supply failure
Mac service OS errorsPrinter
The list above are regular jobs we do.

Custom build computers

Don’t settle for less – PC Repairz use the latest technology when we build computers.
Press to play
Custom built computer for gamers, musicians, designers, based on your requirements.
 Be the first one ready on the field battling the rivals by loading the next level up to 4.7x1 2 faster (vs HDD alone) and install all your games on a large capacity HDD and play them at SSD-like speed.